When Everything Shifts

Sometimes the world shifts just a little bit.

There’s a scene in “500 Days of Summer” that describes loss perfectly.  Tom walks into the street and stares at the road ahead, the world presenting itself to him as it has countless times before.  The scene becomes a painting and the colors are wiped away.  The world grew grey then faded until there was nothing left.  Tom’s entire world had shifted because he lost Summer.

My world has shifted in the completely opposite way.  It’s like I’m suddenly seeing colors.  What was always there before I never noticed until now.  And now I can’t stop seeing it.

Nothing drastic has changed really, but something minute caused just enough of a shift that everything is now viewed through this new perspective, and everything is just a little bit clearer.

I wonder how I could have been so careless.  I wonder if it was just time for this shift to occur or if there was a catalyst.

The other day I walked out of work and noticed with a happy gasp that it was not yet dark outside! The sky was still a visible blue with pink clouds scattered about.  On any given weekday, the Financial District is glum, the indomitable buildings towering over even the tallest Redwood, taking up half the sky, blocking out the sun.  But every once in a while, when the lights are dazzling enough, there is a brilliant beauty and it puts me in such a good mood.


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