Valentine’s Day

I’m a fan of Valentine’s day.

I know some people like to boycott this holiday.  I agree, it is a little overblown with the flowers and chocolates and gifts.  And yes, it is all just a ploy for businesses to make more money.  And yes, everyday should be Valentine’s Day, everyday you should remind your loved ones how much they mean to you.

But who can argue with the sentiment behind this day?  It doesn’t hurt, does it, that there is one day in the year dedicated to love? And I am a huge fan of love.

This year, there will be no flowers, no waffles with strawberry and whipped cream, no fancy dinner, no trip to Monterey Bay, no one to whisper sweet nothings to me, yet I feel very much loved.  I feel enclosed by love from my family and friends.  Even during my dark days, I know I am never truly alone.  If I needed help, all I’d have to do is reach out and ask.  I am a lucky girl to have so much love in my life.

One of my friends recently got engaged, she’s going to be the first one of us to walk down that aisle.  I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her how happy and excited I am for her.  And maybe cry a little.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, I’m asking all my coupled friends what their plans are.  I am a sucker for romantic gestures and tales of such.  I’m also trying to give my guy friends that gentle push so they remember to do something nice for their girlfriends.  I know, I am so smooth.

Since Freshmen year of college, I have been unable to resist partaking in some kind of gesture of love on Valentine’s Day.  I like to remind the people nearest and dearest to my heart that I am thinking of them on this day.  This year, I’m taking it easy, just a couple of Valentine’s Day cards.  I’m sending yours out today, Mom. ❤


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