Skills for Trade

I unclogged a toilet today. It is my proudest achievement of the day; I’m willing to bet your average 25-year-old female cannot/will not accomplish such a task.

For most of college, I lived in a four-bedroom apartment, which meant there were always more than three people using a single bathroom. The toilet was frequently out of service and I had to pick up the plunger or pee into a bottle.

I did have a boyfriend at the time. He was a double-degree engineering student with an almost perfect GPA for half of our relationship and a consultant at one of the top five firms in the country for the other half. For such a smart and accomplished guy, he was surprisingly down to earth and no one ever met him and disliked him.

What I mean to say is, he was a busy guy. So instead of waiting for him to help me build my Ikea dresser, I built it myself. I changed lightbulbs; I added a lock to my room; I even reformatted my computer. And when the toilet got clogged, I rolled up my sleeves and picked up the plunger.

The key to unclogging the toilet is persistence. Keep your arms straight, your legs apart, hold the plunger with steady hands, and put your back into it. And you wondered why it’s a man’s job.

Once I half-jokingly told my friend there are two things I never plan on doing again once I’m married: filing taxes and getting the car serviced. My friend asked what skills I’d bring to the table.

Well, now you know.


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