Taufik Sudjatnika’s Indonesia

lets fly with me by taufik sudjatnika (taufiksudjatnika) on 500px.comThrough my feeble attempts at photography, I’m learning just how many elements have to come together to create the perfect shot.  Some elements are outside the photographer’s control, some are skills honed through countless failures, and the most evasive element of them all is inspiration.  No matter how picturesque the scenery might be, if it fails to move the photographer, the photos will lack soul.

Taufik Sudjatnika‘s photos of Indonesia are nothing short of extraordinary.  Behind every photo, there is a story to be told.  He captures a side of Indonesia that escapes even the most observant visitor.  He reminds me that photography is not so much about accuracy as it is about story telling.  Photography allows us to capture a moment in time and share our experiences with the world.  It is a teleportation device.  It is a form of expression.  It is art.


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