Because You Asked…

The question comes in many forms.

The most popular one seems to be: What did you do today?
Then there’s the more philosophical approach: How’s Shanghai?
My favorite variation is the most direct one: What the hell do you do with all your free time?

It is a valid question.  Perhaps we all lack the imagination to figure out what would fill up our days if not for work and our studies.  Even though we dream of a break, of running away, of days uncluttered by responsibilities, would we really know what to do with ourselves if we had those opportunities?

I, for one, have lacked both imagination and conviction with my vacation plans thus far.  After being reminded that I’m almost at the half-way point of my year-off, I’m making it my goal to make the rest of my vacation envy-worthy.

As winter approaches Shanghai, I am ready to pack my bags and migrate to warmer lands.  On Monday, the low is going to be 38 degrees Fahrenheit, I don’t think I’ll stay and wait for that to be the high.  I’m thinking Bali in December, I hear the beach calling my name.

And if you must know, today I had hot-pot for lunch then spent the entire afternoon at a cafe drinking milk tea.  That is my typical day when I’m not on the road.


2 thoughts on “Because You Asked…

  1. You make me jealous all the time. 😉

    Please find your animal spirit and maybe you can find mine too. I am sure its roaming somewhere in India or brazil. The lasts places I would probably travel to.

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