Do It For Love

Because too often we are motivated by fear. The world outside is too vast and unfamiliar; what’s more frightening than the unknown? Fear of failure demobilizes us from pursuing our dreams and desires and only love can push us forward. Love is what fear is not.

Because life kicks our asses on a daily basis. Day after day, we drag ourselves to work, until the monotony of it makes us forget why we do it at all. We no longer remember that we had once loved this field or that our families are depending on us. It is too easy to drown in resentment and love is our only life-line.

Because life is so fragile and all too quickly, gone. One of these days, before we know it, we will have reached old age. We will come to know the frailty of our bodies and it will scare us. We will have to rely on others for the most ordinary tasks and it will make us feel helpless. Love will be our strength and guide; it will be the legacy we leave behind.

Because we all take it for granted. Because so few of us have it written on our daily to-do lists. Because our loved ones will not be around forever.

Because no one has ever proclaimed on his deathbed, “I wish I had loved less.”


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