I came home last night to the barking of a big white ball of fur. It’s the second night he’s spending with us. He stayed with my sister the first night and she didn’t sleep too well. When she told me how he kept her up all night jumping onto the bed and off, I could only laugh, because it reminded me so much of my first night with Cuddles.

I remember thinking then “what did I get myself into,” and so I can sympathize with her. In all fairness, I did warn her, even if the warning was a little cryptic. I wonder if she’s prepared for what will come at the end of the three weeks when he goes back to his permanent home, will she be in the same state I was after Cuddles left? I hope not.

So last night he spent the night with me, in my bed. It’s nice to have a warm body next to me, I didn’t mind that. The two of us squeezed into a twin size bed is not the most comfortable, but it is quite cozy.

I should probably get out of bed soon, I just don’t know how to leave him.


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