In eighth grade, I wrote a poem on Valentine’s Day for Geometry class. It was an extra credit assignment — one point for every geometric term used. I used more than a dozen in this poem! And now I know why I was picked on so much in middle school. I hope this nerdy poem puts a smile on your face on cupid day. And yes, I know I did everyone a favor by not becoming a poet.

My love to you is infinite
But your love to me is undefined

I want to graph your life with mine
Because me alone is just a boring line

I want you to be the reason of my statement
Because without you my life wouldn’t be complete

I want us to be complementary
So we can make it right

Or we could be supplementary
And become a single line

Together we would make a parallelogram
With your love congruent and parallel to mine

I want our love to be coplanar
With you always by my side

In this plane world…
I wish our love would finally be reciprocal


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