Like The Eagles

yes, that is my name
chant it like a mantra
lure me into your heart

what do you consider wonderful?
what do you consider good?
what do you consider bad?
what do you consider infinitely valuable?
what do you consider hateful?

an existentialist crisis
packed into a ten-minute survey

I am not a religious woman
but when I saw you
with a chain of beads and the cross on your pillow
sustained by a line of morphine
I wish I had the words for a prayer

“I am ready to die,”
says the fool.

oh, what you would do to him
to take the days of the ungrateful
let him spend eternity with his god
while you lay claim to this life

time is infinitely valuable

when the roses bloomed
you told me your dreams
you told me I was beautiful

layer by layer by layer by layer

we know everything about cancer
except for the cause and the cure


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