Tell Me Something Good

My friends were married last Saturday at the Sofitel in Redwood City. The hotel is located just across the street from Oracle, where they met. The wedding was small and intimate; I had never seen a happier bride. I have much love for the couple and was honored to be included as one of the attendees.

As I watched the couple hold hands and exchange their vows, I thought: that doesn’t seem so scary, I think I could probably do that someday. That was a big step for me, even as a thought. Well, I have to give full credit to the bride, she made it seem so easy.


My cousin is getting married tomorrow. Regrettably, I won’t be able to make it to the wedding. I had to fight the impulse to purchase a last-minute ticket to Shanghai. I called my aunt earlier tonight to send my regrets and was told she had planned for me to be a part of the wedding. “It’s okay,” she said. “I’ll wait to attend your wedding. You better get on that.” I just laughed.

Wish I could be there for the wedding tomorrow. I could almost see my grandparents’ elation and the grin on my cousin’s face. I’m sure my aunt will be crying. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

All my love and the warmest wishes for the happy couples.


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