Indonesia Calling

I met a guy in Luang Prabang who said the best way to see Southeast Asia was to skip Ho Chi Minh City and visit Hanoi, skip Phnom Penh and visit Siem Reap, skip Vientiane and visit Luang Prabang.

I couldn’t have agreed more. So where should I visit instead of Jakarta? I’m starting to plan for my trip to Indonesia, which means flipping through Lonely Planet for suggestions. I plan on avoiding the major cities and seeing Borobudur, if nothing else; I can never get enough of temples.

A friend I made in Chiang Mai, who is currently making his way around Vietnam, will be in Indonesia at the same time. I’m not sure if we’ll meet up for a day or join forces for the trip. I would very much look forward to another solo trip though having someone to hold my purse while I use the restroom would certainly be a plus. I kid. He’d be excellent company.


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